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Theresa's Creamy Chicken Salad : THE REVIEW + THE RECIPE

Theresa's Creamy Chicken Salad : THE REVIEW + THE RECIPE

Creamy chicken salad is the ultimate, quick yet satisfying, meal. When I saw this recipe on Theresa’s Instagram (@fitmomma2three) I knew I had to try it.


The photo looked good… but I honestly didn’t know what to expect, sometimes things just look better than they taste. I am so glad I took the chance though, because it was DELICIOUS. It was also quick and easy to make (which is a PLUS :) )

GREAT WAY TO RE-PURPOSE ROTISSERIE CHICKEN : I loved that Theresa used Rotisserie Chicken to make this because it is a GREAT way to re-purpose the breast meat, which can be quite dry and bland when you don’t eat it with the skin.

JUST ENOUGH SAUCE : The sauce to meat ratio was on point.

However, if you decide to cook your own chicken breasts you might want to reduce the amount of sauce a little bit. I ended up making this twice, once with a Rotisserie Chicken and once with some baked chicken breasts. When I made it with the baked breasts I had cooked, which were more moist, I felt like it was a little too much sauce.

EASY TO SUBSTITUTE FOR NON-DAIRY: I had to make one substitution, the yogurt. Theresa uses Greek Yogurt in her recipe but since my body doesn’t do too well with milk I substituted it for plain unsweetened coconut yogurt.

GREAT FOR PEOPLE ON LOW MACROS: This is an awesome recipe if you need something filling that is high protein, low carbs and low fat.

here is how this recipe ranks (scale of 1-5)




Spice level - 3

ease of fitting into MACROS - 5


R9_Theresa's Creamy Chicken Salad.png
R9_Theresa's Creamy Chicken Salad Pic 2.jpg


Photos do not include every step, just thought it could be helpful to have some examples of what the process looks like. (Let me know if this is helpful to you).

STEP 1 : Wash all veggie ingredients and pat dry.

STEP 2 : Set cut tomatoes into halves and set aside.

STEP 3 : Leave the lettuce leaves whole if you want to eat this as a lettuce wrap. If not, you can chop as you wish :)

STEP 4 : Chop onion and celery.

STEP 5 : Take the breast meat from your rotisserie chicken and shred it with a fork.

STEP 6 : Mix the chicken, onion, celery, lemon juice, mustard, yogurt, garlic salt and pepper until fully combined.

STEP 7 : Serve as a wrap or salad. Or if you need some more carbs… make a sandwich out of it ;)

Make sure to check out Theresa’s Instagram for more delicious recipes!

I would love to hear from you!

Did you like the recipe? Do you have a request for the next one? Do you have any questions?

Let me know in the comments below :)

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