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I am holistic foodie that fell in love with IIFYM (flexible dieting).

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Spanish Potato Salad a.k.a Ensalada Campera

Spanish Potato Salad a.k.a Ensalada Campera

The first time I tried potato salad in America I was really surprised at the flavor, it was sweet and tangy. It was good but it was also REALLY different from what I was used to.

I grew up eating my grandma’s potato salad, and no salad I have tried in America has resembled the flavor of her delicious Ensalada Campera. It is also called Ensalada de Verano, literally meaning “Summer Salad”. But honestly, my family makes this all year round. In fact, any time my grandma is in a pinch and needs to make something fast, she makes this.

The macros for this dish are really well balanced if you need a bit of everything and it is really filling.

This is a very typical dish in Spain, but there are many versions of this salad. I chose to make a modified version of my grandma’s recipe.

She would strangle me for doing this… but I excluded olives from the recipe. As a spaniard I SHOULD like olives, but… I don’t. So I left that out (don’t tell her please :b ).

I also used Wild Planet Tuna in Olive Oil instead of “Bonito” (Wild planet tuna is the best I have found in the USA. It's pricey though. Here is the link for the for the best price i've found so far).

The best tuna I have ever had is “Bonito del Norte” which is what we use in Spain. But if you really want to make it authentic here is a link to an online store that sells it :). She would normally use 2 cans for the entire salad. But I wanted more protein so I made the salad first and then add an entire can of tuna to 1/4 of the recipe.

If you like olives please add them in (but the macros does not include olives).

R3_Ensalada Campera_Nutrition Label.png
R3_Ensalada Campera 1 .jpg


Photos do not include every step, just thought it could be helpful to have some examples of what the process looks like. (Let me know if this is helpful to you).

STEP 1 : Wash all ingredients and pat dry.

STEP 2 : Fill a big pot with water and place the potatoes and eggs in while water is cold. (This is important to the eggs don’t crack)

STEP 3 : Bring water to boil.

STEP 4 : After 9-12 minutes of boiled remove eggs from the water and set them aside to cool

(If you like the yolks softer remove at 8-9 minute mark)

STEP 5 : Continue to boil potatoes until you can easily pierce them with a knife

  • You don’t want to over cook them but they are bette when they are a little soft

  • While the potatoes cook (it took mine 20-ish minutes)

STEP 6 : Peel tomatoes and cucumber (I peeled my cucumber in stripes to have a little more color but you can peel it entirely if you want).

STEP 7 : Thinly slice the white onion.

STEP 8 : Chop cucumber and avocado into cubes

STEP 9 : *IMPORTANT* When you chop the tomato use a cutting board or dish that will allow you to collect the juice that comes out of the tomato when you cut it. You want to mix the juice into the salad

Cut the tomato into chunks

STEP 10 : Place the cut up tomato, cucumber, avocado and onions in a bowl and add some sea salt.

STEP 11 : Peel the eggs and cut them into pieces. Then add to the bowl

STEP 12 : When the potatoes are ready. Rinse them under cool water and when they are ok to touch, peel them.

The skin should peel right off.

STEP 13 : Then cut the potato into small/medium pieces and add into the bowl.

STEP 14 : Mix the salad until all of the ingredients look like they are coated with the juice from the tomato and the “oil” from the avocados

In this last photo I had not added any oil or sauce or mayo to the salad. It is just the veggies mixed together

STEP 15 : I like to have a lot of control over my protein macros. So at this point I would serve 1/4 of the recipe (1 serving) on a plate.

THEN add in the tuna. So that I make sure I eat an entire can of tuna (4 oz).


  • If your tuna does not come in Olive Oil make sure to add olive oil and add those macros in separately.

  • I drain a bit of the oil from the tuna I use and leave some to mix in with the salad

  • If you like olives please add them to the salad and add the macros in accordingly


P 7 C 26 F 8

MACROS FOR SALAD WITH 4 oz can of tuna in evoo:

P 33 c 26 F 24

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