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Apart from being a self-development junkie and physique sculptor in the making.

I am holistic foodie that fell in love with IIFYM (flexible dieting).

This blog is dedicated to help you meet your macros and micros so that you can feel better, look better and eat happier :)



Savory Slow Cooker Meat & Veggie Chili

Savory Slow Cooker Meat & Veggie Chili

If you want something savory, filling and warm to eat… here is a delicious and easy chili recipe (you’re welcome :b)

This recipe gives you a good amount of protein and carbs and keeps the fats low.


As always… you can modify amounts and ingredients to help you meet your macros. Here are some ideas:


If you want to make this more protein dense you can easily swap the ground beef for ground chicken or turkey but that change the flavor.


If you want to lower the carbs for this recipe you can just eliminate the beans from the recipe and add more beef to the mix. You can also replace the beans for more vegetables.


Pair this with a side of rice / quinoa / sweet potatoes, etc.

I’m always happy to help you come up with a recipe that will fit your macros so let me know if you have any requests.

For now… I leave you with my latest Chili creation. The macros below are just for the chili but I will include the macros for the pictured meal at the end of the recipe. I will also give you ideas of optional toppings and sides :)

Please let me know if you tried this one out and your thoughts! xx

** If you are a fan of sweet chili and do not like savory chili, you may not like this recipe. It is NOT sweet. But if you’re into savory food, this one’s a goodin’ **

R2_Chili_Nutrition Label.png
R2_Chili 2.jpg


Feel free to add any toppings of your choice. If you like it spicy you might want to add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper.

The specific toppings and sides I used are the following:

Hass Avocado, So Delicious Mozzarella, Fresh Cilantro, Siete Almond Tortilla

(I included the macros for these at the end of the recipe)


  • Slow Cooker (You could also make this in a pot stove top but it’s safer in a slow cooker)

  • If you don’t feel like chopping… Food Processor (not necessary but helpful!) I practiced my knife skills on this one :)


Photos do not include every step, just thought it could be helpful to have some examples of what the process looks like. (Let me know if this is helpful to you).

STEP 1 : Wash all veggie ingredients and pat dry.

STEP 2 : Chop onion and celery into small chunks/cubes

  • You can chop everything first and then complete the steps but this makes it more time efficient in my opinion.

STEP 3 : Add olive oil to slow cooker on med/high and add in the onion and celery to start getting them lightly golden.

  • I forgot to add the celery in this step but it makes a difference in texture and taste if you do this.

STEP 4 : While the onion cooks, chop the carrot, zucchini and garlic

STEP 5 : Once the onion is golden, LOWER THE TEMPERATURE and add in the garlic, carrot and zucchini and sauté for a couple of minutes.

  • While the veggies cook a little bit. Mix all the seasoning : cacao, chili powder, paprika and sea salt into a small bowl.

STEP 6 : Add the seasoning blend into the slow cooker with the veggies and stir.

STEP 7 : Add in the beans and continue to stir so the seasoning covers all of the veggies (MAKE SURE THE TEMP IS LOW)

STEP 8 : Add in the strained tomatoes AND the honey, then mix everything together evenly.

STEP 9 : Now turn the heat back up to high

STEP 10 : Add in the 3 pounds of ground beef

  • It makes it easier if you add it in sections

STEP 11 : Use a mixing spoon / spatula to start breaking the meat apart, then slowly stir. Continue this process until all the meat is incorporated into the mix. (See photo)

STEP 12 : TURN THE HEAT DOWN TO LOW! I left mine at about 130-140 Degrees Fahrenheit

STEP 13 : Allow to cook for 3-5 hours

Some slow cookers cook faster than others… so that’s why I am giving such a big time range.

It is helpful to stir the chili every hour to make sure it is cooking evenly.

How do you know when it’s cooked?

I am not a professional… BUT I have noticed that the meat will become more tender and have a slight “bounce” to it if you press it between your fingers when it is cooked.

The smell also changes drastically. You shouldn’t be able to smell the “raw” meat scent.

If you have a better tip to know when it is cooked please let me know in the comments.

STEP 14 : One your chili is fully cooked, ENJOY!

STEP 15 : I highly recommend that you top it with cheese (I used my favorite dairy-free cheese), avocado and fresh cilantro like I did :) And pair it with a few crispy tortilla chips. It was AMAZING!


P 21 C 34 F 25

(Toppings for macros above: 2 oz Hass Avocado, 28g So Delicious Mozzarella, cilantro)


P 23 C 41 F 30

(For macros above: 1 Siete Almond Tortilla, 2 oz Hass Avocado, 28g So Delicious Mozzarella, cilantro)

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