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Simple Salmon with Sundried Tomato Infused Green Beans

Simple Salmon with Sundried Tomato Infused Green Beans

Sometimes Salmon can get a little boring, so what you pair it with can make huge difference.

This recipe is very easy to make.


You can modify amounts and ingredients to help you meet your macros. *Just note that the macros shown for this recipe are only accurate if you use the same ingredients and amounts shown in the recipe* :


Use Sockeye Salmon (A leaner type of salmon) instead of Coho or King (which are fattier).

If you don’t mind adding more carbs, pair it with Quinoa. This adds a little protein but it does add a decent amount of carbs with it.


Pair it with rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, OR you can pair it with the Quinoa with Vegetable blend that’s sold in the frozen isle at Whole Foods (Macros for this option at bottom of the recipe)


Use Sockeye Salmon (A leaner type of salmon) instead of Coho or King (which are fattier).

R7_Salmon_SundriedTomatoInfused Green Beans.png


Quinoa with Vegetable Blend from Whole Foods


Photos do not include every step, just thought it could be helpful to have some examples of what the process looks like. (Let me know if this is helpful to you).

STEP 1 : In a medium/large pot, fill half-way with water and heat on stovetop on high. (We want it to boil)

STEP 2 : Pre-Heat your oven to Convection Bake at 400F

STEP 3 : Place the salmon in a baking tray and sprinkle with Bosari Seasoning and 3-4g of butter on top of each piece.

You can use your favorite seasoning but Bosari is AMAZING. Highly recommend it.

STEP 4 : Cover with foil. Bake for 15 minutes while covered. (Then broil uncovered for 5 minutes)

STEP 5 : Empty bag of frozen green beans in the boiling water (It is best if the water is already boiling when you add the frozen green beans. Set a timer for 10minutes.

STEP 6 : Cut the sundried tomatoes into little pieces (I use scissors, because it makes things a lot easier) and then drain 10g of olive oil from the sundried tomato bottle. (It’s a little less than a tablespoon).

STEP 7 : Once the green beans have boiled for 10 minutes, drain them and place them back into the pot.

(If you are just making one serving, as per the recipe, you can measure out the portion and just add that back into the pot. If you are making a few servings I will leave the ingredient weights for 4 servings at the bottom of this recipe. So you can just add that full amount of each, mix and then eat 1 fourth of what you mixed. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense).

STEP 8 : In the pot add the olive oil from the tomato jar, the chopped sundried tomatoes and sea salt. Saute on medium heat for a few minutes. (You want the tomatoes to start caramelize a bit)

STEP 9 : Take Salmon out of the oven, remove foil and put back in oven on BROIL for 5 minutes. (If the top of your salmon still doesn’t look fully cooked after 5 minutes, leave for an additional minute or two until it looks cooked on top).

STEP 10 : Once the you see that the tomatoes are caramalized or a little browned, you can serve them on your dish.

STEP 11 : Remove salmon tray from oven and serve alongside your green beans :)

STEP 12 : ENJOY!!!


Olive Oil 40g (Apx. 2.9 Tablespoons)

Sundried Tomatoes 144g / 5.08 ounces

Green Beans 1,056g / 37.25 ounces

MACROS FOR just the salmon and green beans with s.d tomatoes:

P 41 C 16 F 25 KCALS 495

MACROS FOR the above + 150g of the quinoa vegetable blend:

P 46 C 45 F 27 KCALS 645

I would love to hear from you!

Did you like the recipe? Do you have a request for the next one? Do you have any questions?

Let me know in the comments below :)

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